Math = Love: Five Things: Volume 15


Things may have been quiet on the blogging front, but life itself has been the opposite of quiet lately. If you’ve been watching the news, you have probably heard mention of the Oklahoma Teacher Strike/Walk-Out. As an Oklahoma teacher, this has been consuming my life lately. At the beginning of the school year, we talk a lot about feeling “teacher tired.” Well, this week, I learned that “teacher on strike tired” totally trumps “teacher tired.” That’s part of the reason this post is titled “Five Things” instead of “Five Things Friday.

1. The majority of this past week has been spent at the Oklahoma State Capitol building. My district chose to shut down for the entirety of last week, so we rode school buses to the Capitol each day to protest. The number of people at the Capitol each day was astounding.

2. The mother of a former student gave each employee of my entire school district a Tupperware water bottle so that we could stay hydrated during the walk-out. We are a small district, but I still can’t imagine how much of her own money she had to spend to purchase all of these bottles. If you’re in the market for some Tupperware, I highly recommend purchasing through Tabatha’s page!

3. Before marrying an Australian, hot cross buns were nothing more than the topic of a weird children’s song. Now, I know that they are a delectable Easter treat. Technically, I was supposed to make them in time for Good Friday, but I didn’t get around to baking this year’s batch until Easter evening. I tried a new recipe this year, and they were definitely a hit. In the past, I’ve always relied on the Pioneer Woman’s recipe. I was short on time this year, so I found a recipe that let me use my bread machine to mix up the dough.  

4. At Math Teachers’ Circle on Thursday, we explored the mathematics behind the game Spot It. We started by playing a few rounds of Spot It Jr Animals (affiliate link). This was my first experience with a Spot It Jr deck, and I have to say that I found thinking of the name of the different animals super hard. 

After exploring how the game worked, we set out to create our own deck. Our facilitator gave each group a set of post-its and some sheets of stickers to create our own decks. We created a deck with thirteen cards. Each card had four different symbols for a total of thirteen different symbols. It was really fun to create our own deck! 

5. The Classroom Chef (affiliate link) recently celebrated it’s second birthday. As a result, there were lots of giveaways on twitter. I was lucky enough to win a signed copy! I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the book when life calms down. We’re back to school this week, so I’m hoping that means I have more time to think about teaching!

I was super impressed that the mailing envelope was customized! 

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