Multifunctional Core-Shell Nanoplatforms (gold@graphene oxide) with Mediated NIR Thermal Therapy to Promote miRNA Delivery


Figure 1

TEM images of NR@GO (a1, a2) and NS@GO (b1, b2) core@shell combination. According to optical properties obtained by UV-Vis spectroscopy, coating of Au NPs by GO induced a red shift in longitudinal plasmon resonance. Optical properties of Au NR, AuNS, GO and core/shell interaction were detected by UV-Vis spectroscopy (A3, A3). Particle size diversity obtained by DLS (C, D) and structure of GO was obtained by AFM (E). Schematic representation of the prepared NR@GO-PEG-(P-L-Arg)/miRNA and NS@GO-PEG-(P-L-Arg)/miRNA (F).

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