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National Nanotechnology Day is an annual event featuring a series of community-led events and activities on or around October 9 to help raise awareness of nanotechnology, how it is currently used in products that enrich our daily lives, and the challenges and opportunities it holds for the future. This date, 10/9, pays homage to the nanometer scale, 10–9 meters.

Now in its third year, planning for various events and activities is underway at schools, universities, and various organizations around the country! The theme for this year’s National Nanotechnology Day, which will be held on Friday, Oct. 5, 2018 is: “Nano in Motion”— Make sense of nanotechnology by moving.


Are you planning an event or activity to celebrate National Nanotechnology Day? Here are a few suggested activities around this year’s theme:

  • Organize lab tours and open houses.
  • Coordinate outreach events with demonstrations.
  • Host image, video, or illustration contests related to nanotechnology.
  • Host a Science Café or an informal discussion on nanotechnology. If you are a K–12 student or teacher, you could invite a scientist from a local college or university; if you are a student or faculty at a college or university, you might want to invite a scientist from your institution.
  • Create an image, video, illustration, or infographic about nanotechnology: what it is, why it is important, and examples of nanotechnology applications.




In addition, the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office is promoting the following activities:

100-Billion Nanometer Dash:   
a challenge to run #100BillionNanometers (equal to 100 meters), share your pictures and videos, and get added to our online map! Print a Certificate of Achievement and a gold medal for your runners.   

Create other innovative ways to represent 100 billion nanometers while moving:
Examples include doing cartwheels for 100 billion nanometers, hopping for 100 billion nanometers, hiking 100 billion nanometers uphill, or… surprise us!

Generation Nano: Superheroes Inspired by Science: The National Science Foundation, in collaboration with the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, is launching the next round of the Gen Nano superhero contest for high school students for National Nanotechnology Day.



If you have questions about National Nanotechnology Day, please feel free to contact the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office at:


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