Process Sensors Corporation introduces PSC-PMB-SOLO non-contact infrared temperature sensors


August 13, 2018 – Process Sensors Corporation introduced the PSC-PMB-SOLO non-contact infrared temperature sensors.   These miniature digital non-contact sensors may be connected directly to an RS485 Modbus SCADA system or PLC.  They make it possible to measure and monitor the temperature of thousands of locations on the same network. 

Analog and relay outputs are available via separate DIN rail mounted modules with use of an optional PSC-PM180 touch screen display.   Configurable parameters include emissivity settings, response time and averaging via a PLC or optional touch screen display.  Three divergent optics choices are available: 2:1, 20:1 and 14:1 (Close Focus).  A full complement of accessories for the PSC-PMB-SOLO helps installation and operation.

With a response time of 125ms and accuracy of ±1% of reading, the PSC-PMB-SOLO sensors allow placement in the tightest of spaces, for integration into OEM machinery.  They are constructed of 316 grade stainless steel, are rated for IP65, CE approved, and can operate at temperatures up to 120°C without cooling apparatus.  A temperature range of -20°C to 1000°C (-4° to 1832°F) makes them suitable for measurement of paper, thick plastics, food, asphalt, textiles, bulk and organic materials, liquids and painted metals.  .

Process Sensors Corporation offers non-contact infrared temperature sensors, thermal imaging / thermal line scanning systems, and blackbody calibration sources to meet the most demanding on-line industrial process applications as well as OEM performance requirements. 


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