EGE releases STD flow controller with aseptic Varivent F process adapter


January 11, 2019 – For flow monitoring of aqueous or oily fluids in hygienic applications, EGE released the STD flow controller with an aseptic Varivent F process adapter. The thermal sensor is suitable for use in category 2 hazardous areas. It detects flow velocities between 1 cm/s and 10 cm/s in water and between 3 cm/s and 200 cm/s in oil.

Depending on the temperature class of the explosive gas mix it is exposed to, it is suitable for ambient temperatures from -20 °C to +85 °C. The process adapter has an IP67 protection rating and withstands pressures up to 60 bar. The flow controller is connected to the SKZ analysis device via a PUR cable.

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