Measurement Computing Corporation releases MCC 152 voltage output and digital I/O HAT for Raspberry Pi


January 11, 2019 – Measurement Computing Corporation announced the release of the MCC 152 voltage output and digital I/O HAT for Raspberry Pi. Many DAQ users are designing systems around Raspberry Pi. This growing base of Raspberry Pi users is making single board computers more prevalent in professional DAQ applications.

The MCC 152 features two 0-5 V analog outputs with updates rates up to 5 kS/s. Eight digital I/O lines are also included and can be configured as input or output on a bit by bit basis. Up to eight MCC HATs

can be stacked onto one Raspberry Pi. With the already available MCC 118, eight channel voltage measurement HAT, users can configure multifunction, Pi-based solutions with analog input, output, and digital I/O. 

The open-source MCC DAQ HAT Library of commands in C/C++ and Python allows users to develop applications on Linux. The library is available to download from GitHub.

Comprehensive API and hardware documentation are also provided.   

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