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Due to limited space, designing a tiny home can be a very complicated task, but when designing a structure that can withstand extremely frigid temperatures, its a different beast entirely. Just ask Canadian tiny home builders, Minimaliste Houses, who specialize in creating durable tiny homes built to withstand Canadian winters. The designers have just unveiled the gorgeous Ébène Tiny Home, which was designed to be energy-efficient thanks to tight thermal insulation and a hydronic heating floor system.

two-tone tiny home on wheels

two-tone tiny home on wheels

The exterior of the tiny home on wheels, which is 34 feet long, is clad in a sleek black cedar, with a contrasting natural wood color. As part of their 4 seasons Tiny Home collection, the Ébène tiny home boasts several passive features such as its strategic window placement. Most of the home’s windows are installed on the southern side, with only three small windows on the northern side. The home was also installed with a hydronic heating floor system to keep the interior space warm and cozy during the most frigid months of the year.

two-tone tiny home on wheels

two-tone tiny home on wheels

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Working with the clients, a young couple from Ontario, the designers wanted to create a soothing, but functional living area for the 475 square feet home. All white walls are sandwiched in between wooden flooring and a high ceiling which feature cross beams, giving the home a modern cabin feel. For the furnishings, the interior design went with simple, but functional furnishings. Large windows, equipped with solar blinds for privacy when needed, bring in lots of natural light during the day, making the living space bright and airy.

tiny home living space

tiny home living space with grey sofa

A compact, but cozy sofa sits adjacent to a wooden accent wall that juts out just a bit from the structure’s end. This space was outfitted with a high top counter, perfect for dining or working. On the other side of the living room, a modern kitchen is surprisingly spacious, with custom cabinetry. Plenty of storage and working space make it a dream come true for any home chef.  Located next to the refrigerator cabinet, a small cabinet stores the ladder that allows access to the sleeping loft over the bathroom.

stairs leading to second floor

queen sized bed with orange and grey pillows

At the entrance to the interior, a lovely wooden staircase separates the living room and the kitchen, leading up to the master bedroom, one of the largest the company has ever designed. Again focusing on practicality, the stairs double as storage space. Furnished with custom in-wall cabinetry and small bedside tables with wall lights, the master bedroom is incredibly cozy and spacious.

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tiny home living space

tiny home living space with grey sofa

kitchen with wooden butcher block countertop

all white kitchen cabinets

a ceiling light with three bulbs

sleeping loft with window

a wood-clad bedroom



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