Math = Love: Monday Must Reads: Volume 52


It’s Monday again, and I am SO thankful it is a 3 Day Weekend! I really need this extra day off. To help get myself inspired for returning to school tomorrow, I’m compiling a list of my most recent liked tweets in this week’s volume of Monday Must Reads.

I love this emphasis on different representations of 1 from Kerstin Morris. Understanding this topic is so crucial to understanding algebraic operations in middle school and high school.

 Check out how Ryan Kile encourages students to put mathematical definitions in their own words.
Teaching AP? I love this countdown from Mr. Kluemper.
These candy based scale projects from Sierra Cretsinger are awesome!
This flippable study tool from Mrs. Harper looks amazing!
This Pom Pom Challenge from Sarah Gonzales looks like a lot of fun!Trever Reeh inspires with a lesson that combines lasers and trigonometry.
These order of operation puzzles from Math with P Nik look like lots of fun!Brett Parker shares a method for engaging students with a WODB puzzle using post-it notes to capture student thinking.Jo Morgan shares an interesting times table book strategy shared with her by an exchange teacher from Shanghai.
I love this visual representation of half life dice from Daniel Hobson.Mandy shares a great “select all that apply” question to test rational exponents. Every time I do one of these, I think that I need to do them more often!
Have any football lovers in your math class? Check out this puzzler from Don Fraser!Simon Beale shares a great practice structure that could very easily be adapted to math class!Rachael Gorsuch shares a great idea for combining fractals, art, and similarity.Nicholas Chambers shares a great hands-on project for geometry students to tackle. Ann Ahlborn shares a brilliant idea for encouraging thankfulness amongst students.Mrs. Griesemer shares a lovely idea for slope fields – an interactive slope field.Jennifer Davis shares a hands-on idea for introducing data analysis. I love the puzzling aspect of this activity! Rick Barlow shares a prompt to gauge student understanding of exponents and order of operations.
Love this data collection method involving magnets from Desiree Anderson.

Kortney Smith shares a creative way for grouping students.
3D Printing your own jewelry using transformations? I want to be in Ella Hereth‘s geometry class!John Stevens shares a WODB for systems of inequalities.Jamie Mitchell shares an interesting design challenge.
Until next week, keep sharing your amazing ideas!

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