Math = Love: Monday Must Reads: Volume 53


I can’t believe it is already Monday once again. The weekends seem to be going by faster and faster lately. I have several blog posts in the works that I need to finish and share. Hopefully I will be able to knock a few out before the next Monday Must Reads rolls around. If you’re new to the blog, Monday Must Reads is my weekly-ish attempt at capturing the amazingness of other teachers (mostly math) on twitter.

Mark Trushkowsky shares a fun twist on a classic puzzle.

I am so impressed by the geomARTry created by Anna Vance‘s students.
I’m also saving this sorting activity that Anna created for next year’s Algebra 2 class!Lindsey Sharp‘s bulletin board could make a great introduction to systems of equations!Michelle Ervin introduces polynomials with a Latin 101 lesson. LOVE it!Jennifer Fairbanks shares some great prompts to elicit student creativity.

I love how Cassandra Valenti incorporates literature into her lesson on exponential growth and asks for student predictions before finishing the story.
 Mary Bourassa shares a great puzzle from one of her textbooks.Kristen San Filippo inspires with this approach to a sub day pop quiz.
Looking to incorporate reflections on student data? Check out this idea from Valerie Muller.Miss Dulowski shares a new-to-me math joke. Click here for the answer.Robbyn Glinsmann shares a great visual prompt for counting triangles.Fawn Nguyen shares a vintage mental math prompt.James Robinson creates a brilliant twist on flash cards for trig functions. What is missing from each card?
These roller coaster projects from Bridget Herrman look fun!Mong Kon Mo shares a 4 in a row activity for solving basic equations.Mrs Stromberger combines play doh and right triangles for a fun activity that gets students moving around the classroom and solving problems created by other students.
Another interesting task from Mrs. Stromberger involves a giant Twix and a system of equations.Kristen Clingenpeel shares a fun method for setting up a comprehensive end-of-year or end-of-semester review.
I love how Elissa Miller uses transparencies to reinforce matching congruent figures.Dan Walker shares a lovely little volume problem.Mrs. Tangel shows how to use factor trees in a festive manner. Keep this in mind for next Christmas!Mary Platt shares a great water-color based pi day lesson.Kristina Clark shares a way to turn masking tape into a data collection activity for scatterplots.
Need a way to make substituting values more concrete and less abstract? Check out this idea from Ms Blackshear.
Teaching geometric constructions? Check out this compass petting zoo idea from Mark Kaercher!John Rowe shares some triangle based area puzzles inspired by Naoki Inaba.Kanchan Saxena shares the brilliant idea of physically modelling 3D trig problems.John P lichaa shares a great idea of introducing congruence and similarity with marshmallows.
All I have to say about these trig projects created by John‘s students is Wow. Just Wow.Katherin Cartwright shares a great problem based off of a giant banana landmark.Emily Pratt shares a photo of Eddie Woo‘s 1 through 6 challenge. This sounds really fun!
I also love this new use for Prime Climb in simplifying fractions shared by Emily!Miss Aldridge shares a great way to measure student understanding before beginning a topic.
LOVE this transformations card sort from Tara Maynard!Jocelle Skov shares a favo(u)rite lesson, and it’s a definite winner!Helen Scott shares some great questions for working with algebraic perimeters!
Could your calculus students find the area of a traced body? Mrs. Tomalesky‘s can!
Check out this awesome bulletin board from Maher Calculus. It’s all created with piecewise functions!Jennifer Fairbanks shares a great domino based puzzler.
Until next time, keep sharing your awesome ideas and resources!

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